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Every aspect of your life is influenced by politics. It directly impacts the financial, 社会, and physical well-being of individuals and nations, and the responsibility of politics is critical in our ever-changing world. If you want to make a meaningful difference at home or around the globe, consider a degree in politics and law.

As a politics and law major you’ll learn how governments operate and interact, the impact government policies have on 经济 stability and growth, and how laws affect real 社会 and 政治 change. Your studies will expose you to a diverse set of courses with 主题 that will prepare you to successfully compete in the global economy and pursue a range of career opportunities including:

  • 法律
  • 政府
  • 公共管理
  • Public budgeting and analysis
  • 政治运动
  • 政治沟通
  • 商业与经济
  • 新闻
  • 非营利组织管理
  • 教育
  • 研究
  • 执法
  • 军事

Guided by professors dedicated to your success, you’ll explore contemporary global and cross-cultural issues, 主题, 以及深层次的挑战. You'll acquire comprehensive knowledge of how governments operate and interact, the impact of government policies on 经济 stability and growth, and how laws affect 社会 and 政治 change.

You’ll graduate fully prepared to step into your role as a leader and have a real impact on the world.

Select the track that meets your career aspirations

Pre-法律 and Juris Doctor Dual-Degree Program

Our Pre-法律 track is ideal for students interested in pursuing law school. It’ll prepare you to achieve a competitive score on the 法律 School Admission Test (LSAT) and provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success in law school.

Eligible students in this track can take part in our unique 3+3 agreement with Marquette University 法律 School (Milwaukee, WI). This program allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor degree in just six years, one year earlier than typical!

Explore the Juris Doctor Dual-Degree Program


Our 政治与政府 track is designed for students interested in careers related to politics and law. You’ll study a diverse set of courses on legal, 政府, 政治, 道德, 经济, 社会, 神学主题, all of which help to prepare you for your professional goals.

Participate in our Mock Trial Team

我们的模拟审判小组, part of the college’s Pre-法律 Society, competes at various regional competitions.

举个例子, in 2019 they competed at the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) regional competition. The 22-team competition was held at the DuPage County (Illinois) Courthouse. WLC’s team competed in four, 三小时的试验, two as attorneys and witnesses for the plaintiff and two as the defense. 在活动中, our students earned the 2019 “Spirit of AMTA”Award, given to the team that best exemplifies the ideals of honesty, 礼貌, 公平竞争.


As a politics and law major, you may be eligible for membership in Phi Delta Phi, which is the international pre-law honor society.

Make an impact as a distinctive Christian citizen

Within our politics and law program, you'll be exposed to a wide array of ideas, 视角, and content knowledge from all types of academic disciplines (e.g., natural sciences and mathematics, arts and humanities, 社会 and behavioral sciences). 这样做的时候, you’ll develop the essential skills necessary for carrying out your role as a citizen within a democratic society: logical reasoning and analysis, oral and written communications, 论证, 和修辞. 最重要的是, it affords you the opportunity to apply the concepts of Christian virtue and Christian citizenship in all facets of your life, heeding Christ’s call to “love thy neighbor.”

You'll graduate prepared to serve your fellow neighbors in your vocational role as citizen in your hometown or around the world.


Connect with 政治与法律 Faculty

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